Economic and Business Sciences

Master's degree

Business management

The Department of Economic and Business Sciences is an organic unit of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with a multidisciplinary nature, integrating economics and management as fundamental pillars, but also covering the sciences of sports, health and public administration, with the mission of developing training and research in area of economic and business sciences.

Our Faculty is young, comprising 85% of PhDs from Portuguese and foreign universities, forming a solid team motivated and available to accompany students in their learning process.

Offering education with high standards of demand, quality, rigor and professionalism, our teachers have a high level of scientific and pedagogical competence when performing their duties. We also include teachers with high professional experience in the teaching team, thus also complementing the academic training of our students, thus allowing them to be closer to the economic and business reality.

The DCEE promotes research, supporting the integration of the faculty in research units with signed credits belonging or not to the University and interacts with society through various forms of collaboration and partnerships with different institutions.

On behalf of the entire Department and on my own behalf, I invite you to be part of this team, developing with us a whole learning process that will mark your future!

Be welcome!

Alexandre Master

Antonio Jose Goncalves

Arlindo Donário

Machado absent

Inacia Pacheco Pereira

Joao Falcão Silva

João Varandas

José Brito Almas

Laurianne de Carvalho

Pedro Pires Ribeiro

Vanessa Gouveia