July 18, 2023 -

To be a volunteer is to be an agent of peace The altruistic action of using our time, by choice, to help others, is rewarded with the acquisition and reinforcement of personal, social and professional skills, which are increasingly valued today. ..

Office for Inclusion and University Resilience (GIRU)

25 March, 2021 -

The Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL) has actively tried to find, among students, actions that value academic commitment and, at the same time, that promote the development of solidarity attitudes of mutual help and respect towards peers In this sense, Grupo CEU provides the Office for University Inclusion and Resilience (GIRU) as being...


15 September, 2022 -

The CEU Libraries – Higher Education of the Autonomous University of Lisbon – São Francisco das Misericórdias Nursing School – are support structures for professors, students and staff, their objectives and mission being driven by the demands of this community that is characterized by information needs. very specific, according to the...

Arbitration Center

2 December, 2017 -

Consult the website of the Centro de Arbitragem da Autónoma at arbitrationautonomapt Alternative dispute resolution, namely arbitration, has emerged as an essential tool for economic, commercial and social development, both nationally and internationally, avoiding the delay in obtaining decisions and favoring the legal certainty of agents...

University Center for Psychology and Counseling

10 January, 2018 -

CUPA – Centro Universitário de Psicologia e Conselhamento (University Center for Psychology and Counseling) provides an affordable psychological service to the entire community in general The services provided by CUPA include individual or group Psychology consultations More objectively, they consist of Psychological Assessment and Intervention consultations in situations such such as: – Relational difficulties; – Difficulties...

CTC Grupo Autónoma - Knowledge Transfer Center

2 December, 2017 -

The Knowledge Transfer Center is the unit of the Autónoma Group, which has 38 years of insertion and experience in the Higher Education market, in charge of transferring the know-how of existing and differentiated knowledge, within the CTC group and the Autónoma Group, to society, resulting in better performance in organizations through skills and infrastructure...

Publications Office (EdiUAL)

10 January, 2018 -

With more than thirty years of activity, the Editorial Services of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa guarantee an editorial seal of prestige and notoriety Editorial Services – EdiUAL The Editorial Services have been an essential part of promoting the research results of the UAL community for over 30 years Context A Autonoma's editorial tradition has always accompanied...

Quality Assurance Office

2 December, 2017 -

The Quality Office is headed by a coordinator, appointed by the Founding Entity after consulting the Rector The Coordinator is responsible for: Implementing the institutional strategy for quality assurance, issued by the Quality Assessment Board Submitting the annual activity report, namely on the self-assessment procedures -assessment and external evaluation and its results, prepared by...

Office of Health Advice and Promotion (GAPS)

2 December, 2017 -

The Department of Psychology of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa created, since 2001, the Office of Counseling and Health Promotion - GAPS This free service offers students, teachers and employees a counseling service whose essence is to help develop potential, allowing the person to overcoming personal difficulties For several years, European universities...

Professional Insertion Office (GIP)

2 December, 2017 -

Objectives The integration into the job market of our students, finalists and graduates is our main objective GIP has established partnerships with several institutions from the most varied areas of activity, in order to provide professional experiences of recognized value, which, in the short/medium term become the foundations of a solid professional career The...