Joaquín Quirós

- Composition of the Scientific Council - Composition of the Pedagogical Council - Department of Economic and Business Sciences - Department of Engineering and Computer Sciences - Degree in Management - Degree in Management Informatics - Master's in Business Management

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Full Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Extremadura since 1993, with equivalence from ISEG- University of Lisbon.

University professor at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa since 1998, where he has been the Scientific Coordinator of the Master's in Business Management and at the University of Extremadura since 1987, where he held the position of director of the department in Financial Economics and Accounting and was coordinator of the doctoral program. He supervised 8 doctoral theses and more than 50 master's dissertations throughout his academic career.

Author and referee of several articles in prestigious international scientific journals, where he won the prestigious Real Impact Awards 2018, for the publication of the article “The Relationship Between Innovation and Total Quality Management and the Innovation Effects on Organizational Performance”, published in the International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management (2017).

Principal Investigator of the HEIP&FS Research Project – Determining factors in the performance of higher education institutions and their financial sustainability funded by the Polytechnic of Lisbon. (IPL/2018/HEIP&FS_ISCAL – IDI&CA 2018) and PsyCorp – The effects of personality traits of managers and their emotional adjustment in corporate performance (IPL/2019/PsyCorp_ISCAL – IDI&CA 2019). Research project: Tecniche di progettazione di Sistemi Esperti. In the scope of the COMETT program (Ref. 88/3/1649/C-1) of the Commission of the European Community. Bolonia, 1989-90.

He also obtained research awards: Accounting “Luiz Chaves de Almeida”-Apotec- Portuguese Association of Accounting Technicians in the years 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

Received the Extraordinary Award for Doctorate of Academic Course 1992-1993 in the Department of Economic Finance and Accounting of the University of Extremadura.

Member of the editorial team of prestigious national and international scientific journals.

He served as Director of CEXECI- Centro Extremeño de Estudios y Cooperación con Iberoamerica between 2012-2016.