Engineering and Computer Science

The Department of Engineering and Computer Science (DECC) is an organic unit of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL) with a multidisciplinary nature in the area of technologies, being responsible for teaching several study cycles, as well as for carrying out Research and Development (R&D), in the technological areas, whether in the area of Information Systems and Technologies, or in the area of Electronic and Telecommunications Systems.


DECC contributes to training staff with high technical and human skills essential for companies, state entities and other organizations and systems, in their most varied sectors of intervention. The solid quality of this department's study cycles is demonstrated by the high degree of employability of the alumni, as well as the feedback from their employers.


This renewed department has been implementing a new University strategy that has included the creation of new study cycles that complement the previous renewed training offer, the implementation of partnerships with external entities that solidify the training offer and R&D, the creation of the research center Autonoma Techlab and the renovation of spaces and laboratories used in training and R&D activities.
DECC also coordinates several non-degree courses, such as the Cisco CCNA, under the aegis of the Cisco Academy at UAL, or the postgraduate degree in Cable and Wireless Networks: Theory & Practice.
The DECC faculty is young and is composed of 90% of PhDs who meet all the criteria of rigor, quality, experience and professionalism, both at a scientific and pedagogical level, constituting a solid team available to accompany students in their learning.


With this strategy, UAL reinforces the reference position already held among Portuguese Private Universities in training in new technologies.


We invite you to join our team.