Carlos Carranho Proença

- Department of Law - Department of Engineering and Computer Science - Degree in Law - Degree in Management Informatics

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Degree in Law from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa “Luís de Camões” (UAL), since 24 June 2000, with a final average of 16 (sixteen) values

Postgraduate in European Union Law from the Socrates Institute for Continuing Education

Master in Law, in the variant of Legal and Community Sciences, from the Faculty of Law of the Classic University of Lisbon (FDL), since 21 February 2006, with a final classification of 16 (sixteen) values

Doctor in Law, within the scope of the Law, Justice and Citizenship program in the 21st Century, by the Faculty of Law (FDUC) and by the Faculty of Economics (FEUC) of the University of Coimbra, since 14 April 2016, with grades 17 (seventeen ) values / Approved with distinction unanimously.

Lawyer, since 2003, performing litigation, advisory and consultancy functions for several companies.