Sergio Ferreira

- Department of Engineering and Computer Science - Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering - Degree in Computer Engineering - Degree in Management Informatics

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With more than 20 years of experience, Sérgio Ferreira is a highly qualified professional in managing and directing businesses and projects in digital areas. His career spans diverse industries, including banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications and the public sector.

Currently, Sérgio Ferreira plays a strategic role as Partner at EY Consulting. Additionally, he shares his knowledge as a Guest Professor at Porto Business School, where he contributes to the Digital MBA with a focus on human-centered business. He is also a Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, teaching, namely, Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems.

His expertise in artificial intelligence led him to occupy the position of leader in this area at EY. Before that, Sérgio Ferreira held several management positions at Microsoft and Samsung. His passion for education also led him to share knowledge as a Guest Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Sérgio Ferreira's academic background includes a degree in Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Glasgow. Additionally, he holds an MBA and a master's degree in Business Logistics from INDEG Business School / ISCTE.

Its certifications cover areas such as business model innovation, strategy, digital transformation, leadership and artificial intelligence. Sérgio Ferreira is up to date with disruptive technologies and is an advocate of sustainability and social responsibility.