Crime of Corruption: Perception and Possibility of Formulating Criminal Policies from Psychoanalytic and Biogenetic Contributions to Criminal Law in Protection of Life Relations as Such

Candidate: Cesar Luiz de Oliveira Janoti

Type: Dissertation Defense

Local: Autonomous University of Lisbon, Rua de Santa Marta, no. 56, Room no. 15

Date and time: 12 Jan 2023 at 3:00 pm

Trial Juries

President: Professor Arlindo Alegre Donário (UAL).
Members: Professor Fernando José Silva (UAL), as Dissertation Arguent;
Professor Maria João Ferreira Duarte da Guia (UAL), as the candidate's advisor;
Professor Anja Martha Bothe (UAL), acting as Alternate Member who replaces the President in his absence or impediment.

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