July 28, 2023 - events Featured Events

The Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa will be one of the institutions that will host the XVIII International Congress of the Association of Historians of Communication, in September this year With the theme “History, Communication and Memory”, this congress aims to contribute to the debate on the production of collective memory in the Ibero-American space and promote the search and analysis of policies...

International Graduate Seminar | Resistances and Failures in the Iberian Empires, 16th-19th centuries | 28th-29th September 2023

ABSTRACT NOTEBOOK For more information about the Resistance and Failure projects: http://wwwresistanceuevorapt/ http://failurees/ On methodological issues in current historical research: https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=dct6W-_xlo4&t=4851s https:// wwwyoutubecom/watchv=rlMf92MSpPo&t=4049s For more information, contact CIDEHUS-UAL@autonomapt Organizing Committee Nicoli Braga (Doctor UAL) João Francisco Fialho (Doctor UAL) Juliano Gomes (Doctor UAL)...


January 17, 2023 - articles events Featured Events

An event will take place at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, this Saturday, January 21st, within the scope of the Communication Sciences course, where various topics will be addressed: Post-work Mental Health/ “Uncomplicated-Mind” Pátio Moda Sustentável/ “All you need is less” Patio Immigrants and Refugees/ “Refugio” Auditorium 3 Social Sustainability/ “Year Zero”...

17th Annual Conference | Sport&EU

11 November, 2022 - articles events Featured Events

The objective of the 17th annual conference of Sport & EU (European Association for the Study of Sport in Europe) is to reflect on emerging matters related to the positioning of sport in the European Union. presence of numerous authors of texts submitted for this purpose, as well as moderators with extensive experience in the domain of the themes presented for debate.