The Emergence of a New Eurasia: The Competitive Role of the European Union and Russia | June 17th | 1:30 pm | Room 22

17 Jun 2019 - 13:00

Sandra Fernandes
University of Minho / CICP


Ana Isabel Xavier


The current Eurasian space is being redefined, with the emergence of new international orders guided by different normative agendas, namely those of the European Union and Russia. We define “order” as a normative system that establishes political and economic reference rules for evaluating the behavior of others. To address the new dynamics of competition between the two actors, we cross two analysis frameworks – critical geopolitics and stigmatization applied to the field of IR – with the aim of thinking about the problems of international social integration. From this perspective, belonging or not to the established order is a consequence of the degree of integration of the various actors who play a social role through the transgression or stigmatization of behaviors. Emphasizing perceptions, we will aim to explore the new dynamics of contestation of the European order and its implications for the emergence of a new Eurasia.



Department of International Relations