Roberta Stumpf

- Department of History, Arts and Humanities - PhD in History - PhD in Heritage, Technology and Territory - Degree in History

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She has a degree in History (1997) and a Master's degree in Social History (2001) from the University of São Paulo. She holds a PhD in this area of research (2009) from the University of Brasília. He developed his post-doctoral research on the subject of venality and the provision of trades in Portuguese America (17th-18th centuries) at the Centro de Humanidades (CHAM) – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, having benefited from an FCT grant from 2010- 2016 She is currently an integrated researcher at CIDEHUS (Interdisciplinary Center for History, Cultures and Societies) at the University of Évora.

His studies on the history of administration and institutions in Brazil in the aforementioned period have more recently addressed the topic of corruption/abuse of power and have often been inspired by a perspective of comparative history, in particular, of the Iberian overseas spaces. She is the author of books, articles and book chapters, having organized 4 collections, including Iberian Monarchies in Comparative Perspective (16th-18th centuries). Imperial dynamics and circulation of political-administrative models. Lisbon: ICS (2018) (with Ângela Barreto Xavier and Federico Palomo) and The distances in the government of the Iberian empires. Conceptions, experiences and links. Madrid: Casa de Velázquez (2022) (with Guillaume Gaudin).