Maria Lapa Esteves

Post-doctorate in Psychology: “The essence of happiness” by UEX-University of Extremadura (Spain) (Praise and distinction). Doctorate in Psychology “Desarrollo y Intervención Psicológica” by UEX (max. grade 20 values “Cum Laude”). Master's degree in “Altos Estudios de la Investigación” in Psychology from UEX (maximum grade 20 points).

Clinical Psychologist at ISPA in Lisbon – Higher Institute of Applied Psychology. Effective Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association.

Founding member of the Portuguese Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies of Lisbon (APLx). Member of the International Association of Evolutionary and Educational Psychology of Children, Adolescents, Mayors and Disability (INFAD).

Speaker at national and international conferences. Author of several scientific articles and the books “Infertilidade um Quanto obrigas” (Scientific investigation of personality in psychogenea infertility and fertility) and “És Divino!” (Scientific research “The postmodern face of the divine in the language of desire”).