Kulari people

- Department of Psychology - Degree in Psychology - Master's in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

PhD in “Dynamics of Health and Social Protection” through three institutions: Universidade Nova de Lisboa – National School of Public Health, École des Hautes Études in Social Sciences in Paris, France, and University of Linköping, Linköping, Sweden.

Master in Clinical Psychology and degree in Psychology from the University of Tirana.

Collaborator in several national research projects funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), and international research projects in France, Sweden, and the USA.

Professor in the field of psychology at the University of Tirana for more than three years.

Clinical psychologist at the American Bethany Foundation in the 'Shepherding' and 'Acolhimento Familiar' projects.

Winner of an award given by CORFO in Santiago, Chile, to innovative projects led by women for the development of new ideas.

Finalist in the “Global Innovation through Science and Technology” (GIST) competition, organized by the US Department of State, with a presentation in front of a jury in Nairobi, Kenya.