Alex Pires

- Composition of the Pedagogical Council - Department of Law - Doctorate in Law - Degree in Law - Master in Law - Master in Law, Legal and Police Sciences

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Post-Doctorate in Law (Portugal), Doctorate in Legal and Social Sciences (Argentina) with recognition in Portugal by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa with a degree of 19.00 (nineteen) values – “passed with distinction and praise” –, Doctorate in Political Science (Brazil), Master in Law (Brazil), Specialist in Brazil in Contemporary Philosophy, State and Administrative Law, and Civil Law and Procedure.

He has been teaching for almost twenty years in degrees, bachelors, specializations, masters and doctorates in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina;
Author of dozens of works in the areas of Law (Human Rights, Constitutional, Civil Procedural, Consumption and Hermeneutics), Political Science (Liberalism, and Reconstruction of the Rule of Law) and Philosophy (axiology, and positivism).

He has been a lawyer for almost twenty years, during which time he actively participates in the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) exercising relevant activities for the institution, such as: Commission Delegate, Subsection Attorney, Commission President [Comparative Law Studies] and Advisor Commission [on Education], in addition to being a lecturer and lecturer-instructor with teaching in various Sections and Subsections throughout Brazil on emerging and important topics for practical advocacy in general.

He researches at Ratio Legis – Research and Development Center in Legal Sciences of the Law Department of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (RL/UAL) and at CEDIS – Research & Development Center on Law and Society of the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa ( CEDIS/FD/UNL), where he coordinates research projects on the containment of extremism that leads to terrorism, and on the paradigm shift in the normative treatment of the Right to Peace; in addition to being a speaker and lecturer at various events around the world of law.