Conference “Strategic Vision for Portugal's Economic Recovery Plan 2020-2030” | 17 December | 18:30 | Auditorium 3/Online

17 Dec 2020 - 18:30

The Strategic Vision for Portugal's Economic Recovery Plan 2020-2030, prepared by Prof. António Costa Silva, is a document that frames the options and priorities that should guide the recovery from the adverse economic effects caused by the current pandemic. It is from this strategic vision that the Recovery Plan will be designed, to be presented to the European Commission, with a view to using available European funds.

The allocation of these funds must be based on strategic thinking about the country's future, which is provided by the attached document. It is therefore a question of formulating a vision for Portugal within a decade, a vision that will shape the strategy for economic recovery from the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, also serving as a reference for the country's development model in a post-Covid context. . The document presents 10 strategic axes around (i) a Network of Indispensable Infrastructures, (ii) the Qualification of the Population, the Acceleration of the Digital Transition, Digital Infrastructures, Science and Technology, (iii) the Health Sector and the Future, (iv) Welfare State, (v) the Reindustrialization of the Country, (vi) the Industrial Reconversion, (vii) the Energy Transition and Electrification of the Economy, (viii) the Cohesion of Territory, Agriculture and Forestry, (ix) a New Paradigm for Cities and Mobility and (x) Culture, Services, Tourism and Commerce.

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Antonio Duarte Santos



Prof Antonio Costa e Silva
Chairman of the Management Commission;
Partex Services Portugal – Oil and gas (PTTEP)”



Department of Economic and Business Sciences