Professional Insertion Office (GIP)


The integration into the job market of our students, finalists and graduates is our main objective.

GIP has established partnerships with several institutions from the most varied areas of activity, in order to provide professional experiences of recognized value, which, in the short/medium term, become the foundations of a solid professional career.

The GIP supports insertion and integration into professional life. The objectives to be pursued with the business community and society in general are essentially:

  • Respond to various recruitment requests sent by companies, carefully adapting and filtering demand and supply;
  • To promote the connection between the academic and business world, through mutual dissemination among the respective target audiences;
  • To provide professional experiences with recognized added value for students, finalists and recent graduates of the Autónoma, through the joint development of work plans, to be carried out in companies from different sectors of activity;

The activities developed by the GIP are as follows:

  1. Survey of specific needs with companies, the scientific and pedagogical community and students;
  2. Signing of protocols with several relevant institutions in the most diverse areas;
  3. Training, recruitment and selection of Autonomous students and recent graduates, with a view to their professional integration;
  4. Design of internship plans, according to the detected needs;
  5. Implementation and monitoring of programmed internship actions;
  6. Preparation of surveys and other instruments for monitoring and evaluating the actions undertaken;
  7. Collection and processing of the information obtained, to assess the impact of the actions carried out.


Adress: Rua de Santa Marta 56 G, office 14 – 1169-023 Lisbon
Tel.: 213177673