Looking for Mies, by Ricardo Daza


Following the steps of Mies… an exciting research that looks for the man behind architecture. Mies van der Rohe, the historic photo of the famous architect intrigued the author so much that he investigated them around the photo. The author accompanies the spectator step by step through the architectural and personal details of the photograph, interpreting and analyzing them. With the intrigue typical of a detective story, he examines the evidence, makes deductions and gradually brings to light elements of Mies' biography and work, illustrated with a suggestive sequence of images. From this photograph, the author brings a skilful image of Mies: la architecture, el hombre y su character.



He is an architect for the Universidad Nacional de Colombia; He has master's studies in History, Art, Architecture and City and a doctorate in Architectural Projects at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. Professor of Theory, Master and Doctorate at the Universidad Nacional, where he coordinates the line of Architectural Projects of the Doctorate in Art and Architecture at the Universidad Nacional. He has been a professor at the Universidad de los Andes and has been invited to institutes, museums and universities in Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela. Its fields of interest are the inquiry into processes of creation of the architectural work; reflection on modernity and its implications; on an inferential critique; on the exploration of the limits of architecture and its relationship with other disciplines–; architecture research is understood as a pedagogical field where the theoretical and the experimental come together. He currently directs the Leopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture at the Universidad Nacional, with numerous students interested in applied research. He has been curator and curator of numerous exhibitions, has published catalogs and articles in specialized and non-specialized magazines; so like the books Looking for Mies, translated into English and German, and After the Journey to the East; books and exhibitions awarded at biennials and national and international events.