2 Jun 2022 - 19:00

Auditorium 2


Projects boost companies and the economy, as they allow for innovation and are agents of change. In the current context, Digital Technologies are redefining the basic principles of strategy and changing the rules of how companies must operate in the market to succeed, and risks, positive and negative, resulting from the introduction of associated innovations must be identified and quantified. to new technologies, to make a conscious and balanced decision on the advancement of new projects. But, we know that there are many other risks, which can appear at any time, and it can be said that Risk Management is generic and that it applies to any event or personal or business situation, being today treated in a scientific way. In this Conference, we will detail how an adequate Project Risk Management should be carried out in order to increase the probability of success.



António Cabeças



Hélio Costa


  • Date: June 2 (Thursday), 7:00 pm
  • Online and in-person conference (Auditorium 2)


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