The Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário – CEU, the Founding Entity of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, was incorporated on December 13, 1985, at the 19th Notary Office in Lisbon.

It refers, in the deed drawn up on that date, that the following appeared as grantors:

Prof. Doctor Justino Mendes de Almeida

Prof. Master Joaquim Emídio Oliveira Correia

doctor Eugénio Queiroga Canto Brandão Mosque

Prof. Doctor Luís Frederico Arouca Marques dos Santos

Prof. Doctor Manuel de Almeida Damasio

Dr. Maria Isabel Miguéns

Prof. Doctor José Augusto Perestrelo de Alarcão Trony

Dr. Helena Filipe de Almeida

Prof. Doctor Maria Luisa de Bivar Black

Prof. Doctor António Manuel Dias Caldeira Gomes

Prof. Doctor Joaquim Carlos Bento Sabino

doctor Jose Fernando Alves de Oliveira Costa

doctor José Joaquim de Leão Pinto da Silva and Guerreiro

Prof. Doctor Alberto Marciano Gorgao Franco Nogueira


These were the first Cooperators of CEU, in fact the “Founding Fathers” of the Institution that was constituted with the aim of creating the Autonomous University of Lisbon, whose 37th Anniversary we celebrate today.

We remember with joy the day of the constitution of CEU and the foundation of UAL!

We salute the initiative taken by those who granted the founding deed of CEU, many of whom, unfortunately, are no longer with us.

We honor all those who, with your will, with your perseverance, with the activity they have developed over the 37 years of our existence, contributed to the founding and affirmation of the Autonomous University and its Founding Entity – the Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário – CEU.

Unfortunately, in the year 2022, due to reasons still arising from the epidemic situation that affected Portugal and the World, it is not possible to mark this date with the solemnity with which it is usually celebrated.

We firmly believe that next year the conditions will already be in place that will allow us to bring together Students and their Families, Teachers, Collaborators and Cooperators, living together the joy of those who concluded their courses and the yearnings of those who remain in our company, cherishing the dream to fulfill the purposes that brought them to CEU Teaching Establishments.

AUTONOMA magazineThe Board of Directors of CEU, within the scope of the mission entrusted to it, is responsible for managing the activities of the Cooperative, among which it is particularly important to create and ensure the conditions for the normal functioning of its educational establishments – the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and the Escola Superior de Enfermagem São Francisco das Misericórdias which, since 2021, has been an integral part of our Institution.

On this date of historic importance for CEU, it is up to the Board of Directors to recognize and thank the work carried out by the Faculty and non-teaching Employees, over another year of intense work.

To the Students, the main reason for our existence, the Board of Directors leaves words of encouragement in order to continue with the greatest success the courses they chose to attend in the Teaching Establishments supervised by CEU.

The life of Institutions such as UAL and ESESFM is made of work, dedication, the combination of efforts and wills.

It is true that the results are not always what was desired. But the important thing is NOT TO GIVE UP, IS TO PERSEVERE, IS TO PROCEED with reinforced courage and with the firm idea of achieving the objectives that guide our action:

Safeguard CEU and reinforce the prestige of UAL and ESESFM.


Antonio de Lencastre Bernardo
Chairman of the Board of Directors