14 Jun 2022 - 13:30

In a context of increasing centrality of Asia-Pacific in the geopolitics and geoeconomy of the world and of the affirmation of China as a new superpower, the Department of International Relations and UAL's OBSERVARE, in partnership with the National Defense Institute (IDN), invite you to participate in the cycle of conferences and open classes “China, Asia and the World”, coordinated by Profs Carlos Gaspar and Luis Tomé and with the collaboration of prestigious national and foreign experts.

This cycle is associated with the 3rd edition of the advanced studies course on “Asia-Pacific” UAL-IDN.


  • 1:30 pm: Chinese “New Silk Road” and “Global Security Initiative” Speaker: Professor Francisco Leandro (City of Macau University and OBSERVARE-UAL) EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE VIA ZOOM 

    6:30 pm: ASEAN among the greats: how is hedging played?

    Speaker: Professor Nuno Canas Mendes (Instituto do Oriente and ISCSP-University of Lisbon)



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Department of International Relations


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