31 May 2022 - 14:30

Within the scope of the Protocol established between the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and the University of Feevale (Novo Hamburgo – Brazil), in the Sports Marketing curricular unit, we will have an open class on the topic of Co-creation in sports and fitness services.

Customer participation has been increasingly valued, not only from the owners' point of view, but mainly from the user's own point of view. When he participates in the delivery of services, it is possible to improve the delivery, because by co-creating with the delivery format, it is possible that a series of positive results can be triggered. His participation allows for greater trust and greater likelihood of loyalty and referral, as well as a sense of belonging. In this sense, co-creation can be understood as an important element to be understood by companies in the sports and fitness market.



Marcelo Curth



Vera Pedragosa


  • Date: May 31 (Tuesday) at 2:30 pm;
  • Online and in-person event (room 90)


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