Law professors are sworn in as honorary members of the Instituto dos Advogados Brasileiros

This Wednesday, September 18th, Pedro Trovão do Rosário, director of the Law Department at UAL and president of the Ethical & Compliance International Institute, and Alex Sander Pires, professor of Law at UAL, were sworn in as honorary members of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers (IAB).

The ceremony led by Rita Cortez, national president of the IAB, was attended by the Minister of the Superior Labor Court (TST) Cláudio Brandão; the chief prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Labor of Rio, Fabio Goulart Villela; the president of the Brazilian Academy of Labor Law (ABDT), João de Lima Teixeira Filho; judge Leonardo Pacheco and judge Denise Assunção.

“It is a great honor to join the IAB, to be able to be with notable lawyers and to be useful, modestly, to this House”, said Pedro Trovão do Rosário, who will be part of the Constitutional Law Commission. Professor Alex Sander Xavier Pires and deputy director of the Center for Research and Development in Legal Sciences of the Department of Law at UAL, is also part of the same Commission: “The IAB is a fundamental institution for the formation of the conscience necessary for the construction of a country model , based on education and ethics”.

In the image: from left to right, Fábio Goulart Villela, Cláudio Brandão, Carlos Eduardo Machado, Pedro Trovão do Rosário, Rita Cortez, Antonio Laért Vieira Junior, Adriana Brasil Guimarães and Cláudio Carneiro