7 Jun 2022 - 18:00

Auditorium 1

At Pentagrama, Guilherme's Advertising Agency, agitation reigns.
A client with a decisive “budget” to keep the Agency running, without being swallowed up by the multinationals that are starting to dominate the country, awaits the presentation of the proposal for his great campaign, but Nelson, the creative, disappeared and with him all the mockups.
Guilherme's cunning and perseverance will not let him give up.
But how can he and his team come up with a new campaign in the space of a week when there's no sign of the creative?

A publicist since the 1980s, general director of an agency and president of the Associação Museu da Publicidade, João Monsanto brings us a magnificent novel about advertising after the 25th of April, in Lisbon and in a changing country.
A fun story that can be read in one breath and that is simultaneously the portrait of a time that everyone will be delighted to know or remember.


João Monsanto
CEO LarM Advertising
VR/AR Agency (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality)
CEO Clockwork Orange Advertising
360º Advertising Agency
President of AMUSP
Advertising Museum Association

Finalist in Engineering (IST)
He has 40 years of work experience in national and international Advertising and Media Agencies, 30 of which in the role of CEO. He was in Agencies such as J. Walter Thompson, BBDO and Bozell.
He is the author of several Advertising and Media articles and has been a speaker at seminars and Workshops.
In 2013, he joined a group of veteran advertising professionals and together they created AMUSP, Associação Museu da Publicidade, the institution he presides over, with the aim of preserving the material and immaterial heritage of this area,
Passionate about Comics, Advertising and Cinema, he has a storytelling vision of all the projects he is involved in: “We always have to tell a story through a sequence of experiences that necessarily have to be surprising and where the main protagonist has to be the user to whom we address”.



Professor João Louro

Born in 1960, in Lisbon, Master in Portuguese and French Literature from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Postgraduate degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures at the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

Professor at this university since 1990 . Professor at Fernando Pessoa University. Author of fiction, essays and scripts for television. Director of the Communications Office at Casa Pia in Lisbon.


Department of Communication Sciences


  • Date: June 7 (Tuesday) at 18:00;
  • In-person event (Auditorium 1)