Center for Architecture, City and Territory Studies (CEACT)

The Center for Architecture, City and Territory Studies [CEACT] promotes research related to the theory and practice of Architecture.

  • Contribute to a quality evolution of the theory and practice of Architecture in Portugal;
  • The production and dissemination of R&D projects in the area of Architecture and Spatial Planning;
  • Support students and professors of the Architecture course in their academic practice;
  • Support for advanced training of human resources, namely within the scope of the evolution of the teaching career and supervision of master's and doctoral work;
  • The holding of seminars, conferences and activities for the dissemination of research results and other works developed within the scope of the Master of Architecture;
  • Integration into international research networks, encouraging the participation of researchers in R&D projects and international conferences;
  • Promoting the publication of books and scientific articles;
  • The systematic collection of documentation in the area of Architecture and Spatial Planning.


Since 2011, CEACT has been editor of the journal Estudos Prévio, an indexed academic publication with a peer-review system, published every six months.

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CEACT promotes and develops academic research projects dedicated to the themes of Architecture, City and Territory and promotes their dissemination through original publications.


Atlas Almirante Reis (

in situ/: Architecture Intervention laboratories 2012/2019 (

Dwell, Think, Build (

Marginal 8 (

Praça do Comércio – perception and representation of space: present and future (



in situ/ (in)certain, laboratory of complex ideas (

ASSIM Project – Médio Tejo Inter-municipal projects or projects with inter-municipal potential in the area of sport, Case Studies (

Study of performance and promotion of cultural, natural and scenic resources in Cova do Vapor (

Albert (


Since 2012, CEACT has been developing the project in situ/ - Laboratories of Intervention in Architecture, an action research project, with the aim of strengthening the ties between the university and the community, creating spaces for students to act in reality.

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