6 Jun 2022 - 19:00

The United Nations Conference on the Environment held in 1972, known as the Stockholm Conference, established June 5th as World Environment Day. Despite environmental protection at the international level and at the internal levels of States, there is concern about the effects of global warming, climate change and environmental degradation throughout the planet. The right to a sustainable and safe environment for all people and peoples is the basis for peace and the survival of humanity. The objective of this conference, included in the research project Culture of Peace and Democracy, is to share with the academic community the advances, setbacks, tensions and possibilities regarding environmental protection related to the theme. It is invited to awaken about the necessary action in favor of containing the effects of the Anthropocene on the natural environment. Faced with the inseparability of sustainable development from the effectiveness of Human and Fundamental Rights, Democracy and Peace, this conference proposes contemporary transdisciplinary reflections on local and global mechanisms for the protection of Nature and human beings to contain the climate crisis.



Eduardo Saad-Diniz



Doctor Anja Bothe & Doctor Bárbara Lobo



The role of ecocide in the Criminology of the Amazon: environmental protection, culture of peace and democracy


  • Date: June 6 (Monday) at 19:00;
  • online event


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Department of Law
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