The Autónoma Transfer and Knowledge Center and CIRIEC Portugal met yesterday, July 13th, at Autónoma to discuss issues about the relationships between the social economy sector and local government institutions that share identical values and missions. Despite this convergence, there is still much to explore in this partnership. Thus, at this meeting, Professor Doctor Reginaldo Rodrigues de Almeida, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Grupo Autónoma, Professor Doctor Samuel Silva, Administrator of Grupo Autónoma, Doctor José de Oliveira Costa, Cooperator of the Autonomous Group, Professor Ricardo Borges dos Santos, Director of the CTC, Dr. Guida Donário, Administrative Responsible for the CTC, Dr. Ana Umbelino, Vice-President of the Municipality of Torres Vedras, Doctor Maria José Vaño, Professor at the University of Valencia, Dr. Filipa Farelo from CASES, Professor Doctor Luís Antero Reto, Professor at ISCTE and its former Rector, Doctor Wieslaw Bodziony from the Seixal Presidency Office and Dr. José Alberto Pitacas, Collaborating researcher at CEOS at ISCAP-IPP.