Cycle of Conferences and Open Classes “China and Asia-Pacific” | 6 and 13 May | ONLINE

 13 May 2020 - 14:00

In a context of increasing centrality of Asia-Pacific in world geopolitics and geoeconomy and of China's affirmation as a new superpower, the OBSERVARE-Observatory of Foreign Relations of UAL, in partnership with the National Defense Institute (IDN), invites you to participate in the cycle of conferences and open classes “China and Asia-Pacific”, coordinated by Prof. Doctor Luis Tomé and with the collaboration of prestigious national and foreign experts. This cycle is associated with the Advanced Studies Course on Asia-Pacific UAL-IDN, and the first sessions will take place online via Colibri Zoom on May 6th and 13th, according to the attached poster.

pre-registration mandatory, with an express indication of the session(s) you wish to attend, to:


6 MAY (English sessions)

14h – 15h30| International Security in the Asia-Pacific
Mark Beeson, The University of Western Australia, Australia

21h – 22h30 | The US-China Relations
Robert Sutter, George Washington University


MAY 13

14:00 – 17:30

The Chinese presence in the Pacific: between discourse and action
Cátia Miriam Costa, ISCTE

The One-China Dilemma in the Era of Tsai Ing-Wen
Jorge Tavares da Silva, University of Aveiro

New Silk Road: a new made-in-China world
Paulo Duarte, Univ. do Minho and Univ. Lusophone from Porto

The China effect on economic globalization
Diego Magalhaes, Univ. Federal Government of Goias, Brazil and OBSERVARE-UAL

18:30 – 21:30

Globalization, state transformation and Chinese foreign policy: tensions and challenges
Daniel Cardoso, UAL-OBSERVARE

Nationalism in Chinese foreign policy
Luis Cunha, IDN

Nationalisms in China: the case of Hong Kong
Álvaro Rosa, ISCTE



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