CPLP grants Advisory Observer Status to the Autonomous University of Lisbon

The Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), meeting at its XXVII Ordinary Meeting, in Luanda, on June 3, 2022, decided to assign the Portuguese Autonomous University the category of Advisory Observer.

The statute of Advisory Observer recognizes the importance of Civil Society organizations to the dynamics of community development.

The attribution of the Advisory Observer Category to UAL is the result of the different initiatives promoted by the International Relations course and by the Foreign Relations Observatory, OBSERVARE, where the JANUS Yearbook is published, which addresses the international situation from different perspectives, having had for times the CPLP community, as an object of study.

The conferences developed by OBSERVARE – Observatory of Foreign Affairs, as well as all the work developed and published in the Anuário JANUS, associated with the also relevant actions carried out by the Department of Law, have privileged the analysis of the political, economic, social and diplomacy of the countries of the organization. The Autonomous University of Lisbon is proud to receive this news.