Ana Sofia

Former Graduate Student in Psychology

I would like to highlight the emphasis on practical work that was present across the course and which I think is very positive. Effectively, it adds a relevant added value to the course, in relation to other existing psychology courses. It was not only reflected in empirical work in various disciplines, but also in contact with psychiatry patients at the hospital in Psychopathology classes. I consider that these characteristics of the course are unique, as they very adequately prepare the future psychologist for the challenges of the professional reality that awaits him.

As for the relationship with the faculty and the department, I consider it to be very good. I think it is made up of people with very diverse professional backgrounds, which truly enriches the knowledge that is shared with the students. From my personal experience, I felt that I learned and consolidated a body of knowledge that I did not have until then. And so I feel much more confident in the performance of the profession.


Dr. Rossana Peragli

Erasmus student at the University of Turin who attended the Master in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at UAL

As an Erasmus student, I arrived with a different approach, way of studying and thinking. What I liked the most was the high level of practical activity that, in fact, there is not in Italy (…) I arrived here without knowing the language and with a different study path, but I managed to do a great job. I feel very satisfied with my efforts.”


Master Ana Sofia Rosa

Former Student of the Degree in Psychology

The Degree in Psychology taught at UAL is a different degree, because from the first year of the course we are privileged with a strong emphasis on practical learning. As students, we attended practical Psychopathology classes at the Psychiatric Hospital, where interviews were carried out; we benefited from the Psychometrics Laboratory, to consult materials, as well as its assistants; we enjoy free weekly conferences; we benefited from the option of designing and defending the academic curriculum and; we are presented with the opportunity to publish scientific articles in the journal Psyche. Thus, this Degree allows us a strong preparation and/or integration with professional situations.


Master Helena Garrinhas

Former Student of the Degree in Psychology

Three years of Bachelor's degree is like a voyage of discovery, in which I was privileged to choose UAL. This trip made the difference. In the Psychology course I had contact with reality, both in learning during theoretical classes and in experience during practical classes. Essentially, I benefited from support in practical work, both inside and outside UAL.