For more information, contact the SASE of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa or consult the DGES website.


The General Directorate of Higher Education provides a simulator to determine the value of the scholarship that you may enjoy. Click on here to access.

The current version of the simulator does not allow the assessment of specific conditions associated with the following situations:

  • Professional internships;
  • Students enrolled on a part-time basis;
  • Students with student worker status;
  • Students who have changed course;
  • Exceptional situations provided for in the legislation in force;
  • Households with business and professional income resulting from organized accounting, declared in Annex C of the IRS declaration;
  • Households with capital income resulting from holdings in private limited companies;
  • Students enrolled in the thesis, dissertation, project or internship of the course;
  • Single-person households with income below six times the social support index in force;
  • The simulator also does not allow evaluating the attribution of complements.


Application Submission Deadlines | article 28 of the Regulation

Article 28 – Application submission deadlines
1 — The application for the award of a scholarship for one academic year must be submitted:
a) Between the 25th of JUNE and the 30th of SEPTEMBER;
b) In the 20 working days following the registration, when this occurs after September 30;
c) Within 20 working days following the issuance of proof of commencement of the internship by the entity that provides it, in the cases provided for in paragraph 3 of article 1.
2 — If registration occurs before September 30, the student always has a period of 20 working days to submit the application, even if this period exceeds that date.
You can consult here
information on deadlines for submission of applications.
3 — Without prejudice to the provisions of subparagraphs b) and c) of the previous number, the application may still be submitted between 1 October and 31 May, in which case the value of the scholarship to be awarded is proportional to the value calculated under the terms of this regulation, considering the period between the month following the submission of the application and the end of the academic period or internship.
(information taken from the DGES website):


Procedures for 2022 / 2023

The Scholarship is intended for all students who are attending higher education.

All applicants who have access credentials (user code + password), even if they have not been enrolled in the 2022/2023 academic year or earlier, can renew their application in their personal area. If you don't have them, you can recover them here.

New candidates, who do not have access credentials (having attended Higher Education, but never applied for the scholarship), should apply from the 25th of JUNE to the School Social Action Service of the Autonomous University, with their document identification card (Citizen Card), to pre-register – receive access credentials (user code + password) that will allow them to complete and subsequently submit the application for the current academic year.

Candidates entering higher education for the 1st time/1st year (including those who attended separate curricular units in previous years) may request access credentials (user code + password) after enrolling at the Autonomous University in the current year school.

Candidates who have applied for a scholarship through the National Contest for Access to Higher Education (public), either in the current academic year or in previous academic years, should IMMEDIATELY contact the School Social Action Service to request the transfer of the application for scholarship from public higher education to private higher education/Autonomous University.


Scholarships for attendance of students with disabilities

Order No. 8584/2017 (2nd series) of 29 September

The regulation for the Attribution of Scholarships for Attendance in Higher Education for Students with a disability equal to or greater than 60% was approved, according to which eligible students may request the award of a scholarship corresponding to the amount of the tuition fee actually paid.

Students who:

  • Are enrolled and enrolled in a higher education institution;
  • Prove the degree of incapacity through a medical certificate of multipurpose incapacity;
  • Have their tax and contributory situation regularized.

According to the order of the Director-General of Higher Education available below, the requirements for the award of this scholarship can be submitted until the end of the academic year to which they refer.

From June 25th, they should go to the Social Action Office of the Autonomous University, with their identification document (Citizen Card), to pre-register - receive access credentials (user code + password -pass) that will allow them to complete and subsequently submit the application for the current academic year.