Performed activities

The first activity carried out was a Seminar open to students of the 3 Study Cycles of the DHAH, still during the I Semester, with Doctor Fabiano Vilaça dos Santos, Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) , researcher and specialist in Luso-Brazilian Economic History.

On January 17, at 6 pm in Auditorium 1, the seminar presented was entitled “The General Government of the State of Maranhão: structure, governance and connections in the Portuguese Empire (16th-19th centuries)”. Several professors from the Portuguese academic world were present (University of Coimbra, Institute of Social Sciences and Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), as well as students and researchers from our and other universities, who participated effusively in the debate that followed, the session being extended for more than an hour than previously stipulated.

The second on-site activity of the chair was carried out in the 2nd Semester, with Prof. Doctor Pedro Puntoni, from the University of S. Paulo. Taking advantage of his visit to Portugal for research and research, the HCLB Chair was able to count on his participation in an open conference, on March 21, at 6 pm, in Auditorium 3.

The conference presented had as areas of work the Economic, Financial and Political History, under the title “Moeda Mutation in Portugal (1185-1640): on the formation of the Portuguese monetary system”.

The influx of university professors and students, both from the Autonomous University and from other university institutions, was clearly higher than in the previous activity, with the conference and subsequent debate ending at around 9:30 pm.

Both a biographical note of the aforementioned Professors and their respective papers were published online, in order to be available on the Chair and DHAH3 page.

Taking into account points 4 and 5 of the chair's objectives (to be a place of reception for Brazilian professors and researchers and other international specialists; to be a platform for integration, support, supervision and tutoring for students seeking to continue their studies in Portugal ), these purposes were fulfilled with the granting of a Scholarship to Dr. Luciano Morais and the exemption from tuition fees to Dr Alexia Schellard, for the 3rd Cycle of the DHAH (PhD in History). In addition, within this line, the welcoming of the student Lair Paiva dos Santos, based on the protocol between UAL and USP, who develops an investigation in the areas of History and History of Art, under the title “The Empire of images . Expo 98 and the iconographic (re)construction of the Portuguese Empire", being accompanied by Prof. Doctors Miguel Figueira de Faria and José de Amado Mendes.