21 Apr 2023

Auditorium 2

2:30 pm – Presentation:

Prof. Pedro Trovao do Rosario
Prof. Manuel Guedes Valente


2:45 pm – Moderation:
Antonio Pedro Pinto Monteiro


Maria Miguel (UMINHO) – Copyright and Digital Platforms.

Joana Covelo (UMINHO) – The electronic communications market in the context of the digital decade of the European Union – clues for reflection in the light of a digital citizenship.

Pedro Froufe (UMINHO) – Effective Jurisdiction and regulation of digital markets.

Filippo Murino (UNISA) – Supervisory and Enforcement in MiCA Regulation.

Rosa Maria Agostino (UNISA) – Data circulation between property rights and control rights.

Nuno da Silva Vieira (NOVA SBE) – Decentralized justice.


4:30 pm – Moderation:
Prof. Ruben Bahamonde


Giovanni Battista Fauceglia (UNISA) – Il diritto societario nell'era digitale.

Fernando Cachafeiro (UDC) – Self-preference in services provided by digital platforms.

Marcos Suarez (UDC) – Big data and data protection.

Patricia Cardoso Dias (UAL) – Data Protection and Digital Platforms.

Carlos Proenca (ISCAL) – Labor Law and Platforms in Portugal.

Ruben Bahamonde (UAL) – Infringement of trademark rights on digital platforms.


6:00 pm – Closing



Ruben Bahamonde (UAL)
António Pedro Pinto Monteiro (UAL)


“The International Congress on Digital Markets and Services is held in the framework of Big data project, competence and data protection, with reference PID2021-127172NB-I00, co-financed by MCIN / AEI / 10.13039/ 501100011033/ and FEDER A way to make Europe, and also co-financed by national funds through the FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, IP, within the scope of Financing UID/05749/2020”.