24 Sep 2024 - 14:45

Auditorium 1

Portugal is going through a period of challenges with a lack of human resources in different sectors of activity, and Tourism and Hospitality are one of the areas where these challenges are most notable.
What factors are behind this lack of human resources? Is it the demographic crisis in Europe, the attractiveness of the sector, or the training and qualification of resources?
What strategy and measures can we adopt? What is the role of each of the participants? Will artificial intelligence help solve the problem? How to frame and integrate migrant communities?
The new Tourism and Hospitality area of the Autonomous University and TNews are organizing this conference, through which they will seek to answer these and other questions.
The 1st Conference of the Cycle “The value of people in Tourism”, entitled “Human resources in the tourism sector”, will consist of three panels that will show the vision of public entities, educational institutions and companies, with the presence of experts in the tourism sector.


1st Panel | 14:45
The role of political power in attracting talent and human development to the tourism sector.

Moderator: Ruth Simon, Live Money

Bernardo Trindade, AHP and former Secretary of State for Tourism
Ana Mendes Godinho, Deputy and former Secretary of State for Tourism
Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, Pérez-Llorca and former Secretary of State for Tourism

2nd Panel | 15:30
The role of the Academy in training and valuing professionals

Moderator: Alexandre Marto, United Hotels of Portugal

Sofia Almeida, European University
Catarina Paiva, Portugal Tourism
Carlos Brandão, ESHTE
Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

Coffee break | 16:30

3rd Panel | 16:45
The role of companies in human development and valuing careers

Moderator: Carina Monteiro, TNews

Verónica Soares Franco, Pestana Group
Ricardo Cardoso, Abreu Agency
Nuno Troni, Randstad

Closing | 17:30
Pedro Machado, Secretary of State for Tourism


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