23 Jan 2023 - 6:30 pm

Auditorium 1

The digital resources make computable a large number of documents, of texts, of traces of behavior that require a clear standpoint in social sciences research in order to not get lost in computation of everything. New stakeholders, the citizens, become potential contributors to research through digital platforms and create opportunities to combine different styles of research in participatory research or citizen science. The quality of the cooperation is a key point that can be traced down so that the different cultures enrich each other. Based on current projects, the presentation will help finding orientations in such a lively landscape.


Dominique Boullier is professor of sociology at Sciences Po Paris (Institute for Political Studies). He has been contributing to digital humanities for 40 years, even before they existed! The role played by digital infrastructures in the design of quantification eras and in knowledge architectures is a key aspect of his research. This is why he personally created many research platforms and labs tor social sciences in France and Switzerland. He published a manual on digital sociology and books about the effects of social media on our public life and our research frameworks, through the high frequency propagations that shape our discussions and research materials.


Dominique Boullier

  • Auditorium 1 | 18H30 | In person

Conference organized within the framework of the Master in History and Heritage | DHAH