18 May 2023 - 11:00 | 18 May 2023 - 13:00

Auditorium 1

The lecture will address the uses and appropriations of technology in virtual spaces, carried out by organizations, in updating their communication processes, especially the metaverse. From the context of Second Life, one of the first metaverses, some scenarios used by organizations when creating their belief mechanisms in virtual spaces, in a tension between the real and the virtual, will be discussed.


guest speaker

André Quiroga Sandi

PhD in Communication Sciences and graduated in Social Communication - qualification in Public Relations. His studies and publications address the area of technology aimed at Communication and Communication Advisory. He was vice-coordinator of GT -2 Organizational Communication and Public Relations of the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers. – ALAIC and was coordinator of the Public Relations and Organizational Communication Thematic Division of the Brazilian Society of Interdisciplinary Communication Studies – INTERCOM. He is currently doing his postdoctoral work at UMA Spain. He is an associate professor at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP).


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