Conference “Threats to the Democratic Rule of Law in the 21st Century” | 10 October | 3pm | Auditorium 2

 10 Oct 2019 - 15:00

Internally, as well as externally, there are several “Threats to the Democratic Rule of Law in the 21st Century”

It is therefore proposed to present reflections on such Threats by jurists from different areas of Law, from Criminal Law to Constitutional Law, from different areas of activity and from legal systems such as Portuguese and Spanish, analyzing topics such as the crisis of principles structuring constitutional laws, the need to face new perspectives on criminal policy, challenges for universal jurisdiction and thus crimes against humanity, terrorism and State terrorism.

Thus, the speakers will be the former judge Baltazar Garzón, (who participated in the judgment of several judicial processes with global political and social impact), the assistant attorney general Maria José Morgado, the Judge of the Court of Appeal of Lisbon Ricardo Cardoso, Professor University student and former Minister of Internal Affairs Rui Pereira, the Lawyer and former President of the CRL of the Portuguese Bar Association Raposo Subtil and the Lawyer and University Professor Pedro Trovão do Rosário.

This will take place in Auditorium 2 of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa on the 10th of October, at 15:00.



The Faceless Enemy | Maria Jose Morgado

The Money Laundering Regime and the Confrontation with Constitutional Procedural Rights | Antonio Raposo Subtil

The Crisis of Structuring Constitutional Principles in the early 20th century | Pedro Thunder do Rosario

16:30 | coffee break

Los Nuevos Desafios para la Jurisdiction Universal | Balthazar Garzon

The troubled relationship between economic power, political power and the judiciary | Ricardo Cardoso

Criminal Policy Perspectives for the New Century. Revisiting the Enemy's Criminal Law | Rui Pereira


Moderation | Isabel Damasio