15 Apr 2024 - 19:00

Auditorium 1


The rise of artificial intelligence and the proliferation of digital technologies are profoundly shaping contemporary society. In the transition to Society 5.0, characterized by the convergence between the physical and virtual worlds, intelligence plays a central role. In this new paradigm, the ability to process and interpret large volumes of data is crucial to solving complex challenges and driving innovation.

In the 5th Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence is the engine that drives advanced automation and collaborative robotics, radically transforming production processes and business models. The ability to quickly adapt to technological changes and incorporate intelligent systems into all aspects of everyday life defines the competitiveness of nations and companies. However, the influence of intelligence on society is not limited to the economic sphere. Ethical, social and political issues emerge as AI influences the distribution of resources, access to information and power relations. The challenge lies in ensuring that technological progress is accompanied by responsible and inclusive governance, which promotes collective well-being and protects individual rights.

In short, the incorporation of intelligence in Society 5.0 and the 5th Industrial Revolution represents an unprecedented opportunity to boost human development and solve global challenges, as long as it is accompanied by an ethical and sustainable approach.

“AIvolution or AIpocalypse?” – Sérgio Ferreira

“Artificial Intelligence: what revolution?” – Gonçalo Valadão Matias

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