Conference “Blood, services and money: trajectories of social ascension in Portuguese America” | 10 December | 18:30 | ONLINE

10 Dec 2020 - 18:30

It is a great mistake to suppose that Portuguese-Iberian or Portuguese-American society remained static throughout the Ancien Régime. If the nobility continued to be the upper level desired by many and conquered by few, we are far from being able to say that immobility was the main social characteristic. In the 18th century, there were many opportunities to rise socially, even for those who had "defects" in quality, as it was said at the time. At least to certain degrees of nobility. This communication intends to approach the ascension trajectory of two Portuguese who in 18th century Brazil became ennobled thanks to the greater social fluidity then prevailing in the tropics.

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Professor Dr Roberta Stumpf
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa




Department of History, Arts and Humanities