“Sport and Disability” Conference | 16 January | 3pm | Auditorium 2

16 Jan 2020 - 15:00

Particularly after World War II, the importance of sport for the integration of citizens with special needs was realized. Sport, a physical activity subject to rules and so often related to competition, requires physical availability and mental dexterity, valuing the characteristics of each one, being also a decisive contribution to the maintenance and improvement of health, since its regular practice favors the prevention and combat of psychological and biological problems.
Now, sport is a Fundamental Right (Article 79 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic), deserving identical constitutional protection (Article 71) for citizens with disabilities, all with the same purpose: Respect for the Principle of Human Dignity - (Article 1 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic).



Prof. Doctor Pedro Thunder of the Rosary | Lawyer and Director of the Law Department at UAL
Prof. Doctor Alexandre Master | Lawyer and University Professor
Dr. Manuel Serra | Attorney
Dr. José Lourenço | President of the Portuguese Paralympic Committee
Me. Simone Fragoso | Paralympic athlete
Dr Deborah Prates | Lawyer (video conference from Rio de Janeiro)



Department of Law