18 Oct 2023 - 18:30

Auditorium 1

On Wednesday, October 18th, at 6:30 pm, a conference-concert entitled “Seven Latin American composers: life stories and tribute” will take place as part of the European tour of Venezuelan maestro and composer Miguel Delgado Estévez and his family , singers Alicia Sergent and Claudia Delgado, and the foursome Ángel Fernández. It will be an unmissable opportunity to delve into the cultural contributions of women such as María Grever and Consuelo Velásquez (Mexico), María Teresa Vera (Cuba), Chabuca Granda (Peru), Violeta Parra (Chile), and María Luisa Escobar and Conny Méndez (Venezuela) , commented and interpreted by our guest artists. Miguel Delgado Estévez, founder of the group El Cuarteto, who represented Venezuela at Expo-Lisbon 1998, as well as his family, are widely recognized figures in their country thanks to their work in cultivating and disseminating traditional music. The event is jointly organized by the Department of History, Arts and Humanities (UAL) and the Chair of Latin American Studies (OEI-UAL).

Miguel Delgado Estévez
Venezuelan musician, composer and broadcaster

Musical cast:
Angel Fernández, foursome (composer and professor at the Experimental Libertador Pedagogical University, Venezuela UPEL). 
Alicia Sergent, singer (magister in Literature at the Central University of Venezuela, UCV)
Claudia Delgado, singer (degree in Arts and master’s degree in Musicology at the Central University of Venezuela, UCV).

This event is jointly organized by the Chair of Luso-Brazilian History and Culture (CHCLB-UAL) and the Chair of Latin American Studies