Conference “Reproductive health and the role of the psychologist: from prevention to diagnosis and treatment” | 12 November | 18:30 | ONLINE

12 Nov 2020 - 18:30

In this session, the role of the psychologist in health contexts, more specifically in reproductive health, will be addressed. Making known the main health/disease conditions in which the psychologist can intervene. From prevention to intervention in fertility problems, we will address specific issues of these intervention contexts, focusing on psychosocial issues inherent to those who face challenges in their reproductive project.

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Juliana Baptista Pedro
PhD in Psychology (FPCEUP). Clinical Psychologist in the context of Medically Assisted Procreation at the Center for Reproduction Genetics Prof. Alberto Barros (Porto). She is an external researcher at the Psychology Center of the University of Porto (CPUP).



Department of Psychology