Conference “Project Management: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” | 17 January | 7pm | Auditorium 1

17 Jan 2020 - 19:00

A Project can be defined as a temporary effort aimed at creating a unique product, service or result. Entrepreneurship presupposes the existence of Projects, and to create something new it is necessary to guarantee an adequate Project Management and a commitment to Sustainability is also important to achieve a better future. In this perspective, the classic triple constraint model is evolving into a more complex model, where, in addition to the traditional dimensions, scope, cost, time and quality, there is a greater concern with the risks, value and benefits that a Project will produce. .



Adriana Fernandes | Professor at Autonomous and ISCTE, PhD in Information Sciences and Technologies applied to Social Sciences
Margarida Carmo Costa | PMP and Scrum Master, MSc in Operations Research and Systems Engineering
Miguel Carvalho e Melo | President of APOGEP, GPM (Green Project Management) Executive Director for EMEA, CPMA – Certified Project Management Associate and PMP – Project Management Professional
Samuel Silva | Professor at Autónoma, MSc in Innovation and Strategy



António Cabeças | Professor at Autonomous, PhD in Economics



Department of Science and Technologies