Conference “Hydrological Planning and the Albufeira Convention” | 5 June | 20h | Auditorium 1

5 Jun 2019 - 20:00

The Albufeira Convention of November 30, 1998 defines the framework for cooperation for the protection of surface and groundwater and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems directly dependent on the sustainable use of water resources in the Spanish-Portuguese hydrographic basins of the Minho, Lima, Douro, Tejo and Guadiana, in accordance with the principles and rules of applicable International and Community Law. The objectives of this Convention have their response in community regulations, specifically in one of the techniques of the Water Framework Directive to achieve environmental objectives, that is, hydrological planning. The administrative management unit consists of the hydrographic demarcation and the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal must adopt the means and coordination systems necessary to plan and manage shared waters in this area.



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Rosa Requena | Legal Director of Aguas de Alcázar



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