Conference ““Narrative and Technology: The Transmedia Storytelling” | 17 December | 12:30 pm | Auditorium 1

 17 Dec 2019 - 12:30

On the 17th of December, at 12.30, in Auditorium 1, the conference/open class “The Narrative and the Power of Technology: The Storytelling Transmedia” will be held, with the presence of Nuno Bernardo, Director and General Director of the audiovisual production company beActive. With a background in communication and journalism, Nuno Bernardo is now considered one of the greatest specialists in transmedia narratives, in Portugal and abroad. Author of the first format of its kind in Portugal, “Diário de Sofia”, he quickly conquered audiences among younger viewers, offering multiple possibilities for interaction and involvement. His latest work, “Gabriel”, has been shown in many movie theaters all over the world.



Doctor Nuno Bernardo, CEO of BeActive audiovisuals



Department of Communication Sciences