Conference “Importance of Self-Determination for the Quality of Life of People with Intellectual Development Disorders” | 21 January | 18:30 | online

21 Jan 2021 - 18:30

It is indisputable that mental health, whose main aspects are emotional well-being and rewarding social and interpersonal relationships, is an essential ingredient in anyone's quality of life, and is therefore a goal for all people, including people with intellectual disability.

Believing that people with PDI (Intellectual Developmental Disorder (DSM V)) can have a rewarding emotional life and that their quality of life is enhanced when encouraged to actively participate in making decisions that affect their lives, we must continue to join efforts to help this population reach this goal, increasing the development of self-determination, knowing that this depends on the capacities, needs and interests of the people and the environment in which they are inserted.

This conference intends to make a small approach to the contribution of self-determination to the quality of life of people with PDI, seeking to reflect on the need to create conditions so that they can take control of their own lives, taking their own decisions on an equal opportunity basis and according to their real support needs.

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Maria João Correia



Department of Psychology