Conference “How we prepare for an unpredictable future” | 17 October | 11:30 am | Auditorium 1

17 Oct 2019 - 11:30 am

We live in a time when change is increasingly the rule rather than the norm. We are going through a period of transformation at a global level, with particular emphasis on the speed of change. Growing and thriving in a world that is constantly changing requires innovation, proactivity and agility in attitudes and options. Values and ways of being in life will be more demanding at work, requiring personal commitment, tolerance and ambition. We will have to be more agile. We are living in a double perspective: technological growth and the implications it has for the economy and society. There are propensities that are confirmed and this is one of them. So, prepare yourself for the unpredictable.



Eduardo Carrega Marçal Grilo


– Eduardo Carrega Marçal Grilo was born in Castelo Branco in 1942

– Licensed in 1966 by IST

– Master of Science from Imperial College in 1970

– Doctorate in 1973 by IST

– General Director of Higher Education between 1976 – 1980

– Consultant to the World Bank between 1981 – 1990

– President of the National Council of Education between 1992 – 1995

– Minister of Education between 1995 – 1999

– Administrator of the Gulbenkian Foundation between 2000 – 2015

– President of the General Council of the University of Aveiro since 2015

– Member of the Board of Trustees of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation since 2016

– Decorated with the Orders of Public Instruction, Merit and Santiago da Espada


Department of Economic and Business Sciences