Conference “FOODLIT-PRO: Development and Implementation of a National Project on Food Literacy” | 14 May | 18:30 | ONLINE

14 May 2020 - 18:30

The FOODLIT-PRO: Food Literacy Project is a national project funded by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, which aims to explore the “food literacy” construct in Portugal. With the aim of promoting the quality of food literacy in Portuguese adults, FOODLIT-PRO comprises (i) a qualitative study with national experts (published internationally), (ii) the development of a conceptual and empirical model of food literacy (published internationally ), (ii) the construction and validation of a food literacy measurement scale (in development), and (iv) the development of an intervention to promote knowledge, skills and eating behaviors in adults (in development). Allowing the understanding of this construct in a broader spectrum of food systems, FOODLIT-PRO intends to contribute to the development and implementation of multi-sectoral food measures and policies that contribute to the promotion of food literacy in the Portuguese population.

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Dr. Raquel Rosas
Raquel Rosas, graduated in Psychological Sciences and Master in Health Psychology, by ISPA – University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences. She is currently a doctoral student in the specialty of Health Psychology at ISPA and a member of the William James Center for Research, where she develops her research (funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology) in the area of food literacy, with the project “FOODLIT-PRO: Food Literacy Project”



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