Conference “International Economy and Trade” | 20 May | 17h | Auditorium 3

20 May 2019 - 05:00

Based on and giving relevance, even in an academic context, to the growing internationalization of the Portuguese Economy, the Department of Economic and Business Sciences and OBSERVARE present the conference “Economy and International Trade” covering relevant topics applied to Portugal. A macroeconomic and Portuguese trade balance analysis will be carried out, analyzing international business risks. The importance of Chambers of Commerce will be discussed, in particular the case of the Portugal-South Atlantic relationship, as well as the role of the WTO.


Organization and Presentation

Sandra Ribeiro | Lecturer at UAL, Researcher at OBSERVARE and Advisor to the Directorate of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences



Fernando Antunes | Head International Financial Institutions at Banco Santander
Filipe Romao | Lecturer at UAL and President of the Portugal-Atlântico Sul Chamber of Commerce
Duarte Pacheco | PSD deputy and Secretary of the Board of the Assembly of the Republic



Department of Economic and Business Sciences