Conference “Dilemmas of the New Digital Transformation” | 22 April | 18:30 | (Online)

22 Apr 2021 - 18:30

Digital Transformation is advancing rapidly within the scope of the 4th Industrial Revolution, giving rise to important issues related to the use of new digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, big data, 5G, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, Robotics, among others. Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum, stated in 2016 that in the 4th Industrial Revolution the changes are so profound that, from the perspective of human history, there has never been a moment so potentially promising or dangerous, highlighting the risks associated with the loss of jobs. work and also associated with the growth of cybercrime. But, on the other hand, there are also immense opportunities to emerge in the course of the new digital transformation, with potential benefits for the Economy, Society and Environment.

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The New Digital Transformation and 5G Communications
Mario Marques da Silva – moderator
Director of the Department of Sciences and Technologies of the Autonomous University of Lisbon

Project Management and the Dilemmas of the New Digital Transformation
António Cabeças
Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon

Data, Intelligence and the Banking of the Future
Fernando Silva
Deputy Director of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Area at Novo Banco

Artificial Intelligence in Software Development
Alberto Sardinha
Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and Researcher at INESC

How the digital transformation made companies change from providing jobs to being attractive?
Kevin Picolo – Extia HR Manager
Ishmael Sesay –
Extia Data Scientist


  • Date: April 22 (Thursday) at 6:30 pm
Department of Science and Technologies
Department of Psychology