23 Nov 2023 - 18:30 | 23 Nov 2023

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In Portugal, 8% of Portuguese people suffer from Depression and 16.5% of Portuguese people suffer from Anxiety Disorders. Hypnosis, as an adjunct to psychotherapy, has shown significant results in minimizing various psychological disorders, namely mood disorders such as Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders. Since the first meta-analysis carried out in 1995, these results have been consistent in clinical trials and successive meta-analyses. In this sense, intervention models that combine Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis were developed and empirically validated, demonstrating a greater effect of effectiveness in the intervention compared to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy alone, with the results lasting longer and in less time. intervention. It is therefore important to raise awareness among health professionals about the greater benefit of combining Hypnosis with psychotherapeutic interventions.  


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