30 Nov 2023 - 18:30 | 30 Nov 2023

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Psychodrama (psyche = mind; drama = action) was created at the beginning of the 20th century in Vienna (Austria) by Jacob Levy Moreno. The inspiration was the so-called “theater of spontaneity” in which actors represented everyday events or press news on stage without a prior text. Moreno discovered that the representation of a character has repercussions on the individual's own experience, as shown in the report on the Jorge and Bárbara case.  

Psychodrama represents a landmark moment in the transition from individual psychotherapy to group psychotherapy and represents an alternative to the psychoanalytic couch, so in vogue at the time. Basically, it is individual group therapy. 

Morenian Psychodrama is a psychotherapeutic model that is based on action, preferably carried out in a group and whose core is the dramatization of the individual experiences of the protagonists, that is, the different roles that they assume, in their lives, as individuals in relationship with the world and with others – the drama can take place around the various roles he assumes throughout his life. For Moreno (1953/1992), we define ourselves through our relationship with others, so through psychodrama we can create alternative roles that allow us to interact with others in our social atom, in a more adaptive and renewed way.  

Basically, Psychodrama can be seen as a journey for participants to spontaneity, the “person acts instead of remembering”. 

The conference is organized into 3 moments according to the 3 phases of Psychodrama:  

– Warm-up: History of Jorge and Bárbara, dynamics and theoretical framework of Psychodrama; 

– Dramatization: experience in psychodrama groups in specific contexts (prison, children’s and youth homes…) making reference to the instruments and main techniques of Psychodrama; 

– Comments: dynamics to close the session and space for questions. 


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